SC Featured: Arthur – A dog’s remarkable journey to find a home

SC Featured: Arthur Documentary

This is one of my favorite true stories of all-time.

We shared it on Bow Ties when I saw it, but wanted to share it here because it was recently announced that it is going to be made into a major motion picture. It’s the story of Arthur, the dog who crossed a jungle to find a home. And of Mikael Lindnord who, with his team, took him home. From ESPN’s SC Featured:

It’ll probably be the best 14 minutes you’ll spend today (There might be a longer version out there, which is worth seeing). It’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve watched it many times and cried from the start every time. But spoiler alert, it has a happy ending (I tell you this cause I won’t watch animal stories that don’t have a happy ending!). I even read the book…and I never read.


The film will be called Arthur the King and will star Mark Wahlberg.

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