Golfing for The Tomorrow Fund

Had a great day golfing (and eating oysters on the course) at The Tomorrow Fund Golf Tournament at Warwick Country Club yesterday. An incredibly well-run tournament for a most worth cause.


I urge you to check out The Tomorrow Fund at, a wonderful organization that provides financial and emotional help to kids with cancer and their families.





SC Featured: Arthur – A dog’s remarkable journey to find a home

SC Featured: Arthur Documentary

This is one of my favorite true stories of all-time.

We shared it on Bow Ties when I saw it, but wanted to share it here because it was recently announced that it is going to be made into a major motion picture. It’s the story of Arthur, the dog who crossed a jungle to find a home. And of Mikael Lindnord who, with his team, took him home. From ESPN’s SC Featured:

It’ll probably be the best 14 minutes you’ll spend today (There might be a longer version out there, which is worth seeing). It’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve watched it many times and cried from the start every time. But spoiler alert, it has a happy ending (I tell you this cause I won’t watch animal stories that don’t have a happy ending!). I even read the book…and I never read.


The film will be called Arthur the King and will star Mark Wahlberg.

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We like to say “What’s better than a dog in a bowtie, right?!” And Darius Brown has figured that out too!

We like to say “What’s better than a dog in a bowtie?!” And this kid has figured that out too! Check out this article from on Darius Brown, a 12-year old boy who makes bowties for dogs to help them get adopted. (And we love the name of his company, too!)

Meet the 12-year-old boy who designs bow ties to help shelter pets get adopted

Darius is the best! It’s a beautiful thing to see someone figure out how they can use their talents and abilities to help people or pets (especially pets!). Isn’t that kind of what most of us are looking for in our lives?

(Photos are from Darius’ Instagram page @sirdariusbrown)